Upscale Your Ad Campaigns

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Upscale Your Current Campaigns

Our biggest mission in Bool Media is helping marketers like you achieve greater results. 

We’ve created a number of tools and workflows to make sure each piece of content gets shown to the right audience, without spending a single extra penny.

Get some advanced conversions tracking, optimize for automated results and get advanced targeting and remarketing ideas from us.

Join us on a free, 30-minute audit call where we’ll provide some tips, suggestions and a practical action plan.

  • Conversion Tracking
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Custom Conversions
  • Advanced Optimizations
  • Google Smart Bidding
  • Custom Javascript
  • WordPress & Shopify Plugins
  • Dashboard and Reports

Get an Ad Account Audit, Free of Charge

All Types of Ad Account and Campaigns

Small Local Businesses

We helped local businesses go viral in the region and boosted phone call frequency 12x with remarketing.

National Brands

Lead Generation and Online Sales across multiple platforms. Track all touch points with ease.

International, Corporate

Setup a fully automated and integrated CRM, Email marketing, online ads and offline marketing

Free Consultation.
Upscale Your Marketing Campaigns

Limited Opportunity.